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Think Green


Think Green is the slogan we have been using for years. Green is who we are, because when you say green you think Sier.
Fresh, young and recognisable. Green is in our DNA, and green is what we stand for.

Think Green and the Think Green logo represent disposables that are eco-friendly, made from materials of inexhaustible sources. We are looking for long-term relationships, for partnerships with people who appreciate our products and our vision.

Also pay attention to the Sier artwork:
Our green vision is also reflected in our packaging!


FSC®  is short for Forest Stewardship Council®.

FSC is an international organisation that’s committed to preserve forests.
An unique organisation: Establishments, environmental organisations, development aid organisations, nature conservations groups and labor unions  all work together within FSC.  Together they drew up rules for harvesting wood in a way that is not damaging the local community, the plants, the wildlife or other trees in and around the forest.
Together, these rules constitute the FSC certification requirements,

At Sier Disposables we try to be as less of a burden to the environment as possible.
We do business as responsibly as possible. We realise like no other that the environment is valuable and we must handle it with care. That’s why we have a wide variety of products made of paper and wood with the FSC-label. We are happy to contribute to the preservation of forests and a healthy living environment for everyone worldwide!

We are proud of our FSC license number: FSC-C148052. 

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