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We are constantly developing attractive food presentations.
We like to combine this with taking care of our planet. We believe that we can make a positive contribution to the HoReCa by combining sustainable materials with functional shapes.

There are an enormous number of possibilities for making products that are environmentally friendly and reusable. We at Sier have known that for a long time. We are just taking it one step further. We have products that help you make your dishes look even better. Because sustainable can also be attractive.

The great thing is that with us, you will discover an extensive range full of wonderful products, made from sustainable materials. So with an appealing presentation, you're also being cautious with our planet.

Who are we?

For years we at Sier Disposables have been searching for new sustainable materials that are suitable for making disposable products for the HoReCa. The theme of 'sustainability' has also become extremely important nowadays in the HoReCa. And that is good news.
We are convinced that we have to be careful with our planet, especially because we only have one.

Sustainability is key in our product range. What we also find important is the design of our products. Therefore we have developed beautiful tableware that makes it easier to present your delicious dishes. Take for example Bagastro, which looks like porcelain, but is made of bagasse, in our case a mixture of sugarcane pulp and wood pulp.

Our goal

Our dream is to contribute to a cleaner world. Biodegradable materials are indispensable for this. We are convinced that this can and must be done differently. By using materials from inexhaustible sources, we can make a difference. The longer we work on this, the more enthusiastic we become.


Surprisingly creative

At Sier Disposables we never stand still. We always want to surprise you.
We are able to do this because we work with product designers who work exclusively for us. We regularly receive feedback from the market that our products have added value. You can surprise others in a creative way with Sier disposables. And that's what it's all about: being distinctive. Things that are beautifully presented just taste better.

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