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We're glad you are visiting us! Because with disposables from Sier you are guaranteed to be satisfied.Get to know our attractive range of disposables for hotel, restaurant, bar and catering.


Do you recognize the need to stand out in the market? Then now is the time to discover Sier's range of disposables. We understand the effect of performing better by presenting more attractively. We feel it's our job to meet…


Sier Disposables is the creative specialist in the field of sustainable disposables. With the right disposables, you can take your food presentation to a higher level.

This is because Sier adds value and does so in a responsible way.
With an eye to the future, driven by the desire for a better world, based on a deep respect for nature. Our disposables are going to make the difference, for you, for your surroundings, for everyone.

There is no planet B

We at Sier are rather fond of thinking about whether things can be done better. More beautiful in form and function. But also less damaging to the world we live in. That results in beautiful products that benefit everyone. We are proud of this and we do it for you. For you and for the globe we live on. Sometimes it's made of FSC® wood. Sometimes it's made of sugarcane pulp. But it's always surprising!

Disposable cutlery single wrapped

We live in a time where single wrapped products can bring
many benefits. Cutlery is a good example of this.
When it comes to hygiene, it is wise to offer knives,
forks and spoons single wrapped or wrapped as a set.

Sier has a practical solution for this with an attractive,
eco-friendly look. Handy cutlery in a timeless design.
For restaurant or take-away, and including a matching napkin.

Curious about all our other wooden disposables?
Take a look at our product range.

Thumbs up for the ban on single use plastic

July 3, 2021 was the day: We said goodbye to many plastic items. European legislation has determined that the use of single use plastic is no longer allowed for many items. Some industries will have to get used to this, but it is a decision that we fully endorse. For years, Sier Disposables has been looking for products that do not harm people or the environment.
That is why we are proud to be able to offer an attractive, sustainable and 100% SUP-proof product range.

And we are working hard on that assortment. We continue to innovate and are constantly looking for better products.

Want to view our catalog right away?

Want to see our catalog right away? Browsing through the catalog is of course more convenient, but if you want to see it right away, click on the button below!

Our 2024 catalog is ready for you.

Think Green

Think Green is the slogan we have been using for years. Green is who we are, because when you say green you think Sier.
Fresh, young and recognisable. Green is in our DNA, and green is what we stand for.

Think Green and the Think Green logo represent disposables that are eco-friendly, made from materials of inexhaustible sources. We are looking for long-term relationships, for partnerships with people who appreciate our products and our vision.

Also pay attention to the Sier artwork:
Our green vision is also reflected in our packaging!

  • New in assortment

    After the great success of our Palm catering trays, we have now also added beautiful catering trays made of sugar cane pulp to our range.

    The Bagastro bowls are available in 3 sizes and also fit in standard catering boxes


    cateringschalen nieuw
  • New in assortment


    In addition to our extensive Palm range, we have now added these beautiful Palm bowls to our sustainable range.

    The bowls are available in 2 sizes and perfect for various salads on the buffet or at the BBQ.

    palm serveer schaal
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